vrijdag, september 22, 2006

reservering terugreis

Dear Hans,

Today I called to the booking office about the sleeping places. There are not enough places for
the 27.10 and for the 26 there are four places 1 class and 6 places- 2nd class. I asked them to arrange something and promissed to bring a paper from "Kindness" applying for the sleeping places. Hope it will work. I'll inform you tomorrow about the results.




I called to Anna to Fedory and talked with her about your arrival.
Dear Hans,

My husband just called me from the booking office.It was only possible to book the sleeping places on the 26.10.2006. My husband paid 5 euroes for reservation - the second class. You are to pay in Brest around 20 e per each sleeping place. So when you come to Brest please arrange ( pay the sleeping places )immediately at the railway station.

I wish you success in getting visa.

God bless you.




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